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The Lead Developer Berlin is programmed with a combination of invited speakers and successful applicants to the call for proposals. The content of the conference is based on the themes of teams, tech and tools: how to develop your team, new and emerging tech, and processes to improve the way you work.

The schedule will be announced closer to the conference. If you're booking travel in the meantime, we expect the conference to start around 9 AM and finish around 5:30 PM.

Not all leaders have titles

We all know that tech team leads and engineering managers are leaders. But can engineers without “Senior” or “Manager” tacked to their titles be leaders too?

Technical leadership comes in different forms from all levels of seniority. You don’t need direct reports to be a leader at your technical organization. In this talk, I will share…

  • Personal anecdotes of leadership displayed by both myself and my teammates
  • Strategies I find effective to enable me to be a leader
  • Behaviors that discourage budding technical leaders
Amy	Chen

Amy Chen

Systems Software Engineer - VMware / Heptio

Levelling Up: the way of the Lead Developer

The transition from a developer to a Lead Developer can be a rocky one. Yesterday, you were working as a developer and today, suddenly, you find yourself in the role of the Lead Developer. What does this new role mean, and how do you make yourself successful? In this talk, Patrick will explore the ways in which a developer can level up and discover the way of the Lead Developer.

Pat Kua

Pat Kua

CTO - N26


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